A First Nations Housing Professional (FNHP) is a highly-skilled professional, committed to personal career development, standards of ethical conduct and housing management. FNHPs work in a variety of pivotal positions. They are specialists who contribute with their:

  • insight into the most advanced and up-to-date housing management practices and housing services issues facing First Nations organizations. understanding of housing management and services; both as a source and interpreter on housing issues and housing management matters.
  • ability to improve the decision-making process. FNHPs are key players in developing strategy and delivering housing business plans and services.
  • understanding of the impact of technology. FNHP’s are multi-skilled and flexible. Their broad-based understanding and access to information, along with their experience and caring attitude, is invaluable in making the right decisions about technology that will promote administrative efficiencies.

FNHPs are experts in housing management for First Nations organizations. This designation can support your goal to have a challenging and successful career.

To achieve the First Nations Housing Professional (FNHP) certification you will need to demonstrate a certain level of experience and education. Depending on your level of experience, you will follow one of 2 paths, click on the appropriate response below to learn more about the route for you:

First Nations Housing Professionals Program

If you have less than seven years of experience, program development is underway and delivery of the first course is currently forecasted for Spring of 2020.

Completion of the program, in addition to two years of practical work experience will also lead to certification as a First Nations Housing Professional (FNHP). Check out the general information guide (click here) that explains how membership and certification works.

If you have already completed professional development and have experience in a housing professional role, contact us (click here for details) to discuss your potential exemptions.

Prior Learning and Assessment Recognition

If you have seven years or more experience, you may be eligible to challenge the certification by building a professional portfolio that will link your experience and education to the professional competencies. If you meet over 80% of the competencies and our assessors agree, you would be granted the FNHPA certification.

The following 3 guides in our Prior Learning and Assessment Recognition package are designed to guide you on your journey to building your portfolio:

  1. The PLAR Information Guide – Learn more about the Prior Learning and Assessment process and how to prepare your professional portfolio to demonstrate your expertise in First Nations housing management. Click here to access the Guide.
  2. The PLAR Self-Assessment Tool – Use this document to measure your skills against the determined competencies for Housing Professionals working in First Nations. Those who meet 80% or higher should move on to the third document, the evidence grid, to document their experience/education. This is also a great tool to guide your annual review and professional development discussions with your employer! Click here to access the fill-able tool.
  3. The PLAR Evidence Grid – Use this document to demonstrate how you meet each competency, either through education or experience.Click here to access the fill-able Grid.

Please contact the office (click here for details) if you have any questions or would like assistance when working through these tools.

Click here to review certification policies and standards for certified First Nations Housing Professionals.