The FNHPA Board is pleased to announce that AMCES Ltd. (Association Management and Consulting) has been engaged to support the establishment and day to day management of the organization. AMCES will also be facilitating the development of standards and services.

Over the next couple of years AMCES will provide the day to day association management expertise and put in place systems and practices to support the board, members and services. AMCES will also provide the consulting expertise to assist with the design, development and implementation of competency, ethical and certification standards.

AMCES is not new to working with First Nation not-for-profits. The Managing Partner of AMCES, Jim Pealow first started his involvement with organizations in the late 90s by supporting the AFN/CGA Accountability Project. Arising from this project was the creation of AFOA (Aboriginal Financial Officers Association) now called AFOA Canada. Jim facilitated the founding board, arranged for the incorporation, and served as the Executive Director putting in place association management systems and practices. He also worked with the leaders to establish standards and services such as certification, courses, exams, the first conference and recruitment of its first Aboriginal Executive Director. In addition, he was active in working with regional groups to establish AFOA chapters. Jim developed several courses for AFOA and has been a course instructor for more than 17 years and a committee volunteer for at least 12 years. For information on AFOA:

Jim’s dedication and work was noticed by another group hoping to establish a First Nations professional association. The First Nations Health Managers Association (FNHMA) called upon his knowledge and experience to assist with their organizational development, association management, standard setting and design, development and implementation of certification and other projects and services (funding, publications, events, exams, etc.) Once operations were in place and the FNHMA Board was ready, AMCES assisted with the transfer of association management services to a fully First Nations staff. For information on FNHMA:

AMCES (Jim Pealow and his team) provides a unique expertise and has a reputation for doing great work and getting things done. We are pleased to have AMCES support FNHPA on its journey to becoming the centre for professional standards and certification for existing and future First Nations housing managers across Canada. For information on AMCES: