Chemical Safety

Household Chemical Safety Tips

Our homes are full of potentially hazardous chemicals, and we often don't realize the dangers. Many everyday household products contain chemicals that can create dangerous chemical hazards and minor to severe injuries when not handled, used or stored properly. Some examples of hazardous chemicals found around the home include antifreeze, batteries, insecticides, nail polish remover, and toilet cleaners. Knowing how to handle chemicals properly can reduce the risk of injury and help you achieve a healthier home.

Tips for Safe Use:
  • Follow the instructions on the label
  • Ensure proper ventilation during and after using the product
  • Use protective gear
  • Wash your hands thoroughly immediately after using the product
Tips for Proper Storage:
  • Store chemicals in original containers and according to instructions
  • Do not store flammable liquids or gasses in the home
  • Regularly check containers for leaks or damage
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
Tips for Proper Disposal
  • Follow municipal guidelines on how to dispose of hazardous waste
  • Never pour the contents down the drain unless directed