Board of Directors

The current First Nations Housing Professionals Association Board members are:

Current Board of Directors

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    Darlene Marshall, FNHP, CIL


    Eskasoni First Nation, NS


    Darlene Marshall is the Housing Director and Emergency Management Officer for her community, the Eskasoni First Nation located in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Eskasoni First Nation is the largest Mikmaq community east of Montreal.

    She has dedicated her career in the housing field for the past 30 years and has been a part of many positive changes within her community by providing a better quality of life for the community’s band members. As a band member, parent and grandparent Darlene sees the importance of being a role model for youth, especially in the field of housing. It is important for youth to see that housing goals are attainable and can make their community a place where they want to call home.

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    Rosie Charles, FNHP


    Prince Albert Grand Council, SK

    For almost four years, Rosie Charles has held the position of Housing Circuit Rider Trainer and one year as Program Manager with Prince Albert Grand Council. In her position Charles serves as a mentor to twelve First Nation communities with respect to their housing administration and management functions, conducting assessments, and providing support and assistance where needs are identified. Prior to holding this position, she served as a Housing Manager and a Housing Consultant.


    She was proud to be one of the first members of the First Nations Housing Professionals Association to achieve certification by way of the Prior Learning and Recognition (PLAR) pathway.

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    Harvey McCue, C.M.

    Secretary Treasurer

    McCue Consulting, Ottawa, ON


    In 1969 Harvey co-founded the Native Studies department (now Indigenous Studies) at Trent University which was the first such academic initiative in Canada where he taught for 14 years, from 1969 to 1983.  As the Director of Education Services for the Cree School Board in Northern Quebec for five years (1983-1988), he managed and directed eight Principals and four vice-Principals in eight Cree communities, as well as 65 professional staff and education consultants. As the Director of Education Services, Harvey provided the direction and over-all supervision for Cree elementary and secondary education and some 300 teachers.

    He became the first-ever First Nations Director General of Indian education at INAC in Ottawa where he served for five years (1988-1993). He also assisted the Migmaw in Nova Scotia, working as the first Chief Executive Officer and founder of the Mikmaq Education Authority for two and a half years, 1993-1995.   He founded First Nations Youth At Risk, a charitable Aboriginal organization that provided community grants for youth at risk, in 1999 and served as its President and National Coordinator.

    Harvey served as a Governor of the Trent University Board of Governors, a board member of the National Reading Campaign, and recently completed his tenure as Chair of the Ontario Heritage Trust. He is currently on the board of the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund and the Stratford Festival. He has served on the boards of the Ontario Aboriginal Sports Circle, the First Nations Technical Institute, and Breakfast for Learning.

    In 2019 he co-directed the production of a FN Suicide Prevention Curriculum that is currently available free on-line. In August 2020 he completed a Kindergarten to Grade 12 history curriculum for the Long Lake #58 First Nation in Ontario (the first of its kind in Canada). He has an MA from McMaster U (1979) and two grandchildren. He was appointed a member of the Order of Canada in 2020.

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    Darlene Chevrier, FNHP


    Timiskaming First Nation, QC


    Darlene Chevrier is a proud Anishnabek from the Timiskaming First Nation an Algonquin community in Northern Quebec. She is the mother of 4 adult children and 8 wonderful grandchildren.

    Darlene has been involved in the housing sector as the community’s Director of Housing since December 2010 after graduating from the University of Quebec with a certificate in administration. Prior to that she was the Secretary/Dispatcher for the Public Security Department.

    In 2017 she received an Attestation in “Techniques en Gestion de l’Habitation pour les Premières Nation” from Cégep Garneau. She is interest in obtaining PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition) certification as a First Nations Housing Professional (FNHP).

    She is an active member of the First Nations Housing Community of Practice (CoPH), its mission is to enable its members to work together to improve the well-being of communities, through collective capacity building, mutual aid and sharing of good practices.

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    Tabitha Eneas, FNHP, CIL


    Penticton Indian Band, BC


    Tabitha Eneas is a proud member of the Penticton Indian Band. Her Okanagan name is Sneena, which means Owl in the Syilx language. She has worked for her community for 23 years, in multiple areas building experience and capacity. Tabitha started out in finance as a data entry clerk and through hard work and commitment, was appointed the Housing Administrator in 2010, overseeing the Penticton Indian Bands Housing and Infrastructure department which consists of a multi-million dollar budget, a housing portfolio of over two hundred homes, and staff ranging from 1 to 5 employees.

    Not only is Tabitha involved in Housing, but she assists in the management of other areas of the Band, including Capital, Emergency Management, Policy and Planning and Insurance Management.

    The years of experience that Tabitha has gained has allowed for the opportunity to branch off into other areas. She has worked with Turtle Island and Associates and the First Nation Market Housing Fund, facilitating information sessions. She has worked with ISC as a mentor to other First Nations, offering support and guidance in the On Reserve Housing area through facilitation of information sessions and workshops. 

    Tabitha has received a CAPA designation, Certified Aboriginal Professional Administrator, through the Aboriginal Finance Officers Association; Housing Manger Certificate through BCIT; Project Management Certification through Okanagan University College. She is currently working with FNHPA towards the Housing Manager certification and is completing the Land Management Certificate program with Vancouver Island University.

    Tabitha continually works towards improving housing initiatives for the members of the Penticton Indian Band, through best practices, innovation, and long-term planning.

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    Roxanne Harper, FNHP, CIL


    Turtle Island Associates, Ottawa, ON


    Roxanne is Mi’kmaq from the Eel Ground First Nation in New Brunswick. 

    Roxanne is a founding Board member of the First Nations Housing Professionals Association (FNHPA).  She is a partner in Turtle Island Associates Inc, an Aboriginal business committed to supporting the efforts of First Nation communities by providing housing advisory and training services. 

    Roxanne has worked on Aboriginal housing issues for over 30 years and has extensive experience moderating workshops and facilitating community consultations. Roxanne has co-developed several adult educational curricula (e.g. Enhanced Arrears Management, Portfolio Management by Housing Tenure) and facilitates sessions to First Nation clients across the country. 

    Roxanne holds a certificate in Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University, N.S. and is a certified FNHP.

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    Seetta Roccola


    Interlake Reserves Tribal Council, MB


    Seetta is a member of the Pinaymootang First Nation; Treaty 2 Territory in Manitoba. She has a Business Administration Diploma from Red River Community College and has been involved in various aspects of First Nation housing for over 30 years.

    Seetta’s housing journey began at Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation in 1987. During her 10 years at CMHC, she worked in the delivery and administration of Non-Profit Housing specializing in Urban Native and On-Reserve Housing Programs. While there, she took several courses to increase her knowledge in the housing industry including all the course requirements for the Certified Property Management (C.P.M.) program. 

    After leaving CMHC to pursue other options Seetta accepted the position as Housing Advisor for the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs. 

    In 1998 a position became available in the housing department of Interlake Reserves Tribal Council which Seetta saw as an opportunity to provide services to her home and neighboring communities. She has been there ever since. During this 20 plus year period, Seetta worked for the Tribal Council as a NISI Inspector, prepared housing proposals for CMHC and ISC, assisted in policy development and training and many other areas of housing and capital for the member communities. She has also served as the Manitoba Representative for the First Nations National Building Official’s Association since almost the beginning of this organization. During this time, Seetta worked as an independent housing advisor for other First Nations and also spent two and a half years juggling her own job and the Housing Manager position at the Fisher River Cree Nation.

    Currently, Seetta is the Technical Services Manager at IRTC and works with programs such as Housing, Climate Change, Emergency Management and others.