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Supporting Successful Tenancy

First Nations Housing Procurement Practices

Introduction to Matrimonial Real Property for Housing Managers

Risk Management

Supporting Successful Tenancy Toolbox

First Nations Housing and Community Engagement

Annual National Conference 2023

Missed the in-person event? You can still access the workshops at your own pace! The pre-conference and conference session PowerPoint presentations have been made available to FNHPA Members through the links below:

Health & Housing, Data and Storytelling from and Environmental Public Health Perspective

This workshop addresses housing as one of the most important places we inhabit and has the potential to significantly impact health in numerous ways. Environmental Public Health is the intersection of human health, the built environment and the natural environment. Environmental Public Health Officers assist First Nations communities to identify health hazards during healthy housing inspections and provide guidance on how to reduce these hazards. With the awareness of housing hazards and the associated health effects, combined data from healthy housing inspections and community housing professionals can provide a comprehensive narrative of the needs and condition of housing in the community, support effective investments, and reduce health impacts on First Nations people and the resulting expenditures in healthcare, ultimately leading to a safe and healthy community and people. This workshop discusses what environmental public health is and how communities can leverage healthy housing inspections and data, the relationships between housing deficiencies and potential health outcomes, and how health and housing data can support priority areas for intervention within communities, regions and nationally.

By: Kyle Wonsiak, Indigenous Services Canada, Simon Sihota, Indigenous Services Canada, Moderator Brooke Duggan FNHPA

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How do you Measure Healthy Housing?

This workshop discusses the First Nations Health Managers Association (FNHMA)  recently completed publication, FOCUS on Wellness: A Strength-Based Indicator Tool for First Nation Health. The FNHMA is now collaborating with the FNHPA to adapt the Indicator Tool to reflect the housing sector in First Nations.
As an early step in this exciting project, workshop speakers  share an overview of the FNHMA Indicator Tool. Then, using a focus group format, we will discuss how housing contributes to wellness in your community and explore how it gets measured. What represents “wellness” in the housing sector? How does this connect to your culture? Why does it matter?
Using indicators has been described as using a “two-eyed seeing approach to answering our own questions”. Although the terminology is a western term, the spirit of indicators represents how we understand community and identify what makes us stronger. Indicators help us make sense of what is happening, which makes it easier to plan and generate change.

By: Lori Keith, FNHPA, Selena Willier-Schmidt, FNHPA, and Moderator Brooke Duggan FNHPA

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Reconciliation: Past, Present and Future

This workshop involves unpacking the history and policies of First Nations’ housing through an interactive dialogue and sharing session. Understanding our collective histories and truths allow us to begin the journey of healing and understanding First Nations housing. Together, let’s begin planting the seeds for future generations.

By: Qwuy’um’aat (Eyvette) Elliott, FNHP,BC Housing and Owner Ever Plan Consulting, Moderator Rosie Charles, FNHP, Prince Alber Grand Council

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Managing Housing Portfolios

This workshop focuses on the best practices in property management as they relate to Section 95 and Nation owned housing units (housing portfolio). The speakers will also address areas of needs assessment on how to determine the number of homes required and highlight a few Indigenous architecture and housing projects from around the country.

By: Yolanta Scott, CMHC, Alma Cardinal, CMHC, Jillian Hardie, CMHC and Moderator, Roxanne Harper, FNHP Turtle Island Associates

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Numbers Don’t Lie -True Cost of a Housing Project!

This workshop analyzes the initial and the expected future costs beyond the 1-year, 5-year, 10-year and beyond. Taking a deep dive into future expenditures such as infrastructure improvements and on-going maintenance and repairs, to ensure the home meets health and safety standards and considering the potential revenue sources to offset the added costs beyond initial construction. IT looks at potential forecasting techniques to consider as they relate to setting aside reserves for maintenance and repairs funds. It also looks at scenarios showing projected costs and potential opportunities to increase revenue and how this long-term financial projection would be implemented. Finally, it discuss how critical the relationship is between the housing department and the senior financial leadership within the organization and how they can provide continued support to each other for the betterment of the community.

By: Justin Jimmy, Urban Cree Consulting, Moderator, Rhoda Twumasi.

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Defining an Approach to Home Ownership in your First Nation

This pre-conference workshop discusses the delivery and management of homeownership options on-reserve.  During this workshop participants discuss what should be considered when designing and delivering homeownership programs for their community.  The workshop offers suggestions to define the relationship and responsibilities between the First Nation and the homeowner, the benefit of developing and following a homeownership policy and the support a First Nation may provide to homeowners. Participants discuss administrative issues such as default management, and risk management and how to advise homeowners in planning and completing their ongoing property management activities.
The workshop introduces the newest Toolbox available from FNHPA “Homeownership for First Nations” which contains sample resources designed to define, promote and support an approach to homeownership on reserve.

By: Roxane Harper, FNHP, Turtle Island Associates

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Property Insurance Basics for First Nations Housing Managers and Leaders

This Pre-Conference workshop is an introduction to property insurance for First Nation community housing managers and leaders and is designed to help explain the nuances of property insurance, to share examples and best practices on how to navigate around an insurance policy. Participants  discover and learn how insurance got it’s start, how companies determine rates, how to receive detailed information and how to navigate insurance claims efficiently and timely.

By: Chris Compton, Indigenous Service Group, AON

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Annual National Conference 2022

Missed the in-person event? You can still access the workshops at your own pace! The conference session PowerPoint presentations have been made available to FNHPA Members through the links below:


Supporting Successful Tenancy

The objective of this workshop is to assist housing professionals in supporting successful tenancy as part of their day-to-day property management activities. The workshop explores the roles and responsibilities commonly associated with an effective landlord/tenant relationship. Participants will gain or reinforce their knowledge and skills to make improvements in their client relations activities.

By: Roxanne Harper, Turtle Island Associates and Director, First Nations Housing Professionals Association



Procurement in First Nations

This workshop focuses on the main principle of procurement, describe the key stages in the procurement cycle, and how to develop your own procurement policies and procedures.

 By: John Kiedkrowski, Project Manager, First Nations National Building Officers Association; Claude Lawrenson, Consultant, First Nations National Building Officers Association



Effective Communication with Leadership 

This workshop provides a general overview of communication strategies, the importance of plans (community comprehensive plans, strategic plans, operational plans, etc), and engaging reporting.

By: Harmony Redsky, Owner and Principal, Roots and Rights Media and member of the Wasauksing First Nation



Framework for Maintenance Program Development 

 This workshop provides information on establishing a basic maintenance plan and offered tools to support existing plans.

By: Frank Bighead, Director of Housing and Technical Services, Prince Albert Grand Council; Clayton Bird, Housing Circuit Rider Trainer, Housing and Technical Services, Prince Albert Grand Council; David Cooper, Housing Inspector/ Building Official, Housing and Technical Services 



FNHPA Programs, Tools and Resources 

This workshop discusses the variety of learning opportunities offered by FNHPA through workshops, webinars, courses, the Knowledge Centre, Housing and Wellness program and  Supporting Successful Tenancy Toolbox.

By: Sarah McCabe, Education Manager, First Nations Housing Professionals Association; Brooke Duggan, Housing and Wellness Program Coordinator, First Nations Housing Professionals Association; Christine Toulouse, Education Program Coordinator, First Nations Housing Professionals Association



National Housing Strategy – Repair and Renovation Stream

This workshop provides an overview of options available to help preserve existing housing through repairs and renovations. It discusses funding and financing opportunities for on and off-reserve community and organizations initiatives.

By: Christine Edward, Specialist – Client Solutions, Indigenous and Northern Housing Solutions, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation; Diane Saramaga, Specialist – Client Solutions, Indigenous and Northern Housing Solutions, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation



Risk Management in Housing  

This workshop discusses the risk that housing managers face in their work, identifying where the risks are and how to take steps to manage them. The objectives of this workshop are to provide an overview on risk, how to analyze risk and what strategies can be used to manage these risks.

By: John Kiedrowski, Project Manager, First Nations National Building Officers Association; Claude Lawrenson, Consultant, First Nations National Building Officers Association 



Environmental Public Health Officers

How They Can Assist Housing Professional Towards the Goal of Healthy Homes 

This workshop focused on how environmental public health conditions in homes can be prevented and managed through careful planning, operations, and maintenance, how Environmental Public Health Officers (EPHO) can bring value to community housing programs, and how to access EPHO services.

By: Saad Jalili, Senior Environmental Public Health Officer, Manitoba Region, Indigenous Services Canada; Blake Scott, Senior Environmental Public Health Officer, Environmental Public Health Services, Manitoba Region, Indigenous Services Canada



Barriers to Homeownership

This workshop provides a background on FNMHF and discusses the projects that FNMHF has supported to build capacity of First Nations and how the Fund is supporting Individual Members (so they are ready to become homeowners).

By: Scott Flamand, Consultant, Flamand Management Services and Member of the Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve; Nancy Pine, Senior Projects Officer, First Nations Marketing Housing Fund; Travis Seymour, Acting Executive Director, First Nations Marketing Housing Fund



Basics in Radon 

This workshop talks about “where, what and why” radon should be addressed and how this could save lives. Also explains radon testing as a part of healthy housing initiatives and describes success stories.

By: Marcel Brascoupé, Project Manager, Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg Nation; Linda Larcombe, Associate Professor, Max Rady College of Medicine, University of Manitoba; Chief Evan Yassie, Sayisi Dene First Nation

PowerPoint - Radon Measurement & Mitigation Project

PowerPoint - Larcombe Presentation 


Norway House Cree Nation’s Innovative Housing Solutions

This workshop presents a modern way to expedite rapid housing initiatives for First Nations utilizing homes that incorporate answers to durability, mold, and fire situations that plague communities.

By: Chief Larson Anderson, Norway House Cree Nation; Trevor Thomas, Vice President Business Development, Bison Modular Homes; Shane Prevost, Vice President, Bison Modular Homes



Closing Plenary – Building Partnerships; Building Healthy Communities 

This keynote reflects on what has been learned through the FNHMA’s growth and what can be achieved by working together with FNHPA. 

By: Marion Crowe, Chief Executive Officer, First Nations Health Managers Association



Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

By: Jim Pealow, Prior Learning Assessment, Recognition (PLAR) Special Advisor