Resources from our Friends

The following resources have been created by friends of the FNHPA. They have been built to encourage healthy homes and communities and are ready to access – spread the word today!

Community of Practice Housing (CoPH) : Hosted on facebook, the CoPH is a private, fully moderated technical platform reserved for housing managers to share with other housing managers. Contact  for more information on how to join the discussion!

First Nations Youth Suicide Prevention Curriculum is a free resource that was built to promote resilience and instill hope amongst First Nations youth, currently focused on ages 11-13. Delivery materials are available for application by classroom teachers and other professional service providers, consisting of 24 one-hour sessions. Click here to learn more and access the materials email support system.

Keeper of My Home is a free resource for educators that teaches students about caring for their home and housing health and safety. It provides classroom content and e-learning games specifically designed for First Nation students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Click here to learn more.

First Nations National Building Officers Association (FNNBOA) offers a series of podcasts called Home on the Rez.  It explores how some First Nations communities are successfully addressing their housing challenges. The episodes feature in-depth interviews on a range of subjects on First Nations housing. FNNBOA also has a range of free webinars and publications which can be found on their website. 

The First Nations Health Managers Association (FNHMA) is providing a Bulletin and Updates on COVID 19 click here.

The Home Maintenance Program (HMP), is a web-based course that offers training to assist with Home Maintenance for the Nation’s largest asset… their homes! With topics ranging from Health & Safety to tips and tricks for easy fixes, this course is guaranteed to provide participants with new knowledge and ways to encourage capacity building. This program is useful for Housing Departments, Individuals looking to expand knowledge, or Technical Organizations & Tribal Councils.