Prior Learning Assessment + Recognition

If you have seven years or more experience, you may be eligible to challenge the certification by building a professional portfolio that will link your experience and education to the professional competencies. If you meet over 80% of the competencies and our assessors agree, you would be granted the FNHPA certification.

The FIRST 25 applications through the PLAR path are FREE! After that the application cost is $650.

The following 3 guides in our Prior Learning and Assessment Recognition package are designed to guide you on your journey to building your portfolio:

  1. The PLAR Information Guide – Learn more about the Prior Learning and Assessment process and how to prepare your professional portfolio to demonstrate your expertise in First Nations housing management. 
  2. The PLAR Self-Assessment Tool – Use this document to measure your skills against the determined competencies for Housing Professionals working in First Nations. Those who meet 80% or higher should move on to the third document, the evidence grid, to document their experience/education. This is also a great tool to guide your annual review and professional development discussions with your employer! 
  3. The PLAR Evidence Grid – Use this document to demonstrate how you meet each competency, either through education or experience.

Please contact Jim Pealow, Special Advisor - (613) 839-0085 if you have any questions or would like assistance when working through these tools.

Click here to review certification policies and standards for certified First Nations Housing Professionals.