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For the upcoming National Examination, we are providing two date options to better accommodate our members' schedules: a weekday session and a weekend session.

Weekday Session: June 3rd - 5th, 2024

Weekend Session: June 7th - 9th, 2024

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Sep 9, 2024
FNHP 100 - First Nations Housing and Infrastructure (Fall 2024)
This course provides the housing professional with key insight into the topic of First Nations housing, as well as infrastructure.  The lessons cover subjects such as history and legislation, programs...
FNHP 200 - Housing Strategy, Policy & Accountability (Fall 2024)
The FNHP 200 course covers various topics related to First Nations housing strategy, policy, and accountability. The first lesson focuses on the role of the housing manager and how to work effectively...
FNHP 200 - Stratégie d’habitation des Premières Nations, politique et obligation de rendre des comptes (l’automne 2024)
Ce cours fournit d'abord aux professionnels de l’habitation un aperçu clé du rôle et des responsabilités du professionnel de l’habitation. La résolution de problèmes et la prise de décision,...
FNHP 300 - Management of Housing Programs (Fall 2024)
The FNHP 300 course on Management of Housing Programs is designed to provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of developing and managing housing programs for First Nations people. The course...
FNHP 400 - Housing Management Functional Supports (Fall 2024)
This course first provides the housing professional with key insight into the many functional supports required by Housing Professionals, including: human resources; financial management and accounting;...
FNHP 500 - Gestion du logement - Soutiens fonctionnels (l’automne 2024)
Ce cours fournit d’abord aux participants un aperçu clé du sujet du professionnalisme, un facteur important qui est nécessaire pour réussir en tant que professionnel du logement. Les leçons individuelles...
FNHP 500 - Professionalism, Ethics and Critical Skills (Fall 2024)
This course first provides participants with key insight into the topic of professionalism, an important factor that is necessary to succeed as a Housing Professional.  Individual lessons deal with learning...

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