Vandalism Prevention

How to Protect Your Vacant Property from Vandals 

Vandalism refers to the intentional damage, destruction, or defacement of a property without the owner’s permission. This damage comes in many varieties, such as graffiti, broken windows, cut-down trees, etc. Vacant properties are highly prone to vandalism, and whereas most rental homes undergo vacancy periods, this can be a big concern for property owners.

While you cannot prevent all acts of vandalism, here are some tips to help protect your property against vandalism:

  • Keep your property tidy to give the impression that the property is being lived in. This could include tending to the grass and gardens, keeping the sidewalks shoveled, or gathering up the mail and flyers.
  • Maintain good lighting to give the illusion that someone is in the house. This can be achieved by using outdoor motion sensor lights or having some interior lights on.
  • Install cameras to monitor the activity on the premises.
  • Consider getting greenery and fences to make it more difficult for vandals to reach the property.
  • Regularly inspect the property on an unpredictable schedule.
  • Get vacancy insurance coverage.
  • Install a security system in case of a break-in.