Mould in the Home

Health Canada considers indoor mould growth to be a significant health hazard. The word mould is a common term referring to fungi that can grow on building materials in homes or other buildings. It is important to know how to identify, address and prevent moisture and mould in your home. 

Damp conditions, persistent humidity and poor ventilation are three common sources of mould growth in homes. Taking steps to prevent these circumstances can decrease the risk of health conditions related to mould exposure, such as asthma symptoms or eye and throat irritation.

Here are some ways that you can prevent mould in your household:

  • Look for damp spots in your house.
  • Use exhaust fans when cooking or showering.
  • Keep your home well ventilated using windows and fans.
  • Reduce humidity in your home.
  • Clean up floor spills immediately.
  • Keep furnisher away from outside walls to increase airflow.
  • Keep closets and storage spaces clear of clutter.
  • Leave washing machine door open.
  • Get professional help for serious contamination problems, such as a flood.

If you have identified mould in your home, here are some tips to safely clean it up:

  • Wear protective gear.
  • Use soap and water to clean mould on hard surfaces.
  • Discard absorbent or porous materials that cannot be washed and dried.
  • If there is a lot of mould, get professional help.