Paths to Becoming Certified

Are you ready to join a group of highly skilled professionals? A First Nations Housing Professional (FNHP):

  • serves their community,
  • continues to develop their career,
  • and follows high standards in ethics and housing management.

The First Nations Housing Professionals Association (FNHPA) exists to support housing professionals. We are here to help you achieve certification and support housing departments across Canada.

Here are just a few important things Housing Professionals do:

  • Work with the most up-to-date housing management practices
  • Address housing services issues in First Nations communities
  • Understand both sides of housing: those who live in homes and those who manage housing
  • Develop strategies and deliver housing business plans and services
  • Use technology, experience, and caring to make good housing decisions alongside administration
  • Act as the frontline support for housing in their communities

There is more than one path to getting your First Nations Housing Professional (FNHP) certification.

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