Paths to Becoming Certified

A First Nations Housing Professional (FNHP) is a highly-skilled professional, committed to personal career development, standards of ethical conduct and housing management. FNHPs work in a variety of pivotal positions. They are specialists who contribute with their:

  • insight into the most advanced and up-to-date housing management practices and housing services issues facing First Nations organizations.
  • understanding of housing management and services; both as a source and interpreter on housing issues and housing management matters.
  • ability to improve the decision-making process. FNHPs are key players in developing strategy and delivering housing business plans and services.
  • understanding of the impact of technology. FNHP’s are multi-skilled and flexible. Their broad-based understanding and access to information, along with their experience and caring attitude, is invaluable in making the right decisions about technology that will promote administrative efficiencies.

FNHPs are experts in housing management for First Nations organizations. This designation can support your goal to have a challenging and successful career.

To achieve the First Nations Housing Professional (FNHP) certification you will need to demonstrate a certain level of experience and education. Depending on your level of experience, you will follow one of the 2 following paths:

Click the appropriate image above that reflects your experience level for more information on your personal path to FNHPA certification.