Board Director Openings

FNHPA is just beginning its journey to becoming the organization to lead certification and professional development for First Nations housing across the country. Being part of the FNHPA Board means you will be contributing to the strategic leadership and direction to guide the organization through the development of plans and policies. As a Director, you will be an ambassador for the organization.

Skills required for the Role – Directors are expected to bring personal perspectives and opinions on issues that are surrounding First Nations housing management. We ask that those interested in applying for directorship:

  • Become informed of the appropriate documents and legislation under which the organization exists, its By-laws, vision, mission, goals, values, codes of conduct, and policies as they pertain to the duties of a Director;
  • Keep generally informed about the activities of the organization, and general trends and issues in the sector of First Nations housing management;
  • Strive to become an active participant in a Board that functions respectfully and effectively as a whole.

Time Commitment – Annually, Board members should expect to attend:

  • Four 1.5 day in-person meetings, held across Canada
  • Teleconferences as needed, typically 1 before each in-person meeting

Board Directors need to review agenda material (contracts, financial statements and other information to support decision-making) in advance of each meeting to prepare for active participation. These documents are typically provided one week in advance of meetings.

Application Process – Are you interested in bringing your voice to the FNHPA boardroom? Please send a one-page letter introducing yourself to the Board and the skills you would contribute to .

At this time, as we develop programming for First Nations housing managers by First Nations housing managers, preference will be given to applicants who have direct experience working in First Nations Community housing. We welcome letters of interest on an ongoing basis, updates for vacancies will be provided upon receipt of documentation.