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Attention Members: Our membership process has changed!

What does this mean for you?

  • This is a one time change to our membership process making it easier than ever to take advantage of our amazing membership discounts!
  • Renew your membership by March 31st, 2024 and enjoy two full semesters + the annual conference at a discounted rate!
  • Your last membership will be prorated and an invoice covering the duration of your new membership registration/renewal will be sent to you.


For Certified Members:

  • All certified members must maintain good standing with FNHPA which means membership dues and maintenance certifications are up to date.

What happens if I don't renew?

Memberships not renewed by March 31st, 2024 will lose access to all member benefits. All memberships will expire on March 31, 2024 to give everyone the opportunity to renew and take advantage of the new process!


Membership is open all year round—we want to make sure everyone can access the benefits FNHPA has to offer! 

There are many good reasons to become a member (we list some below). The short version is that we are all dedicated to supporting First Nations Housing Professionals through education, training, and being available to our members.  

We are better together! Every member brings value to the association and amplifies the importance of First Nations housing! 

The First Nations Housing Professionals Association (FNHPA) is a national, professional association. We support people working for or aspiring to positions in housing with First Nations organizations.

FNHPA supports current and future housing professionals in serving their communities by:

  • setting national standards,
  • providing education and certification programs,
  • and encouraging communication and knowledge-sharing.

We also create and support programs that directly or indirectly advance the goals of First Nation housing departments.

To view the FNHPA membership information guide:

Click here

Here’s more about what membership offers:

  • Annual Conference and Trade Show (One of our most popular events each year!)
  • Networking
  • Career Support Services
  • The Opportunity to Connect With our National Team Whenever You Need Support
  • Provincial/Regional Networks
  • First Nations Housing Professional (FNHP) Certification
  • Standards for Professional Competencies and Professional Development Programs
  • First Nations Housing Management News (focusing on practices and issues)
  • Research, Information, and Guides for Almost Every Housing Challenge
  • Members’ Directory for Potential Benchmarking Partners
  • Standards of Ethical Conduct

If you require financial assistance to become a member of FNHPA, check out our new sponsorship program:

FNHPA Sponsorship Program

Membership Types

  • Candidate ($150.00 Annual dues):
     For individuals working in a variety of First Nations housing areas and/or looking to become certified Housing Managers. ($150.00 Annual dues) (Voting member)
  • Certified ($150.00 Annual dues):
    For individuals who have successfully met the requirements to obtain and maintain the FNHP designation ($150.00 Annual dues) (Voting member) Click here to learn about the different paths available to achieving certification as a First Nations Housing Professional (FNHP).
  • Corporate – Individual Associate ($150.00 Annual dues):
    For individuals that have an interest in First Nations housing management and do not fit into other membership categories. ($150.00 Annual dues) (Non-voting member)
  • Corporate – Associations ($250.00 Annual dues) :
    For not-for-profit organizations that support the FNHPA and its mission and are interested in First Nations housing issues. ($250.00 Annual dues) (Non-voting)
  • Corporate – Business/Government ($750.00 Annual dues):
    For organizations that support the FNHPA and its mission. ($750.00 Annual dues) (Non-voting member)

Not sure which is right for you? Contact our Membership Department. 1-800-360-6114 or

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