Fall 2024 Semester

Starts: September 9th, 2024

Ends: December 8th, 2024

*Registration now open

Important Dates & Deadlines:

  • August 26th, 2024 – registration deadline. A $250 deposit is required before students can access the course.
  • September 9th, 2024 – last day to withdraw without penalty. A cancellation fee of $250 applies for cancellations after this date.
  • September 16th, 2024 – cancellations between September 9th and September 16th will incur a $250 administrative cancellation fee.  No refunds to students are issued for cancellations after this date.

Upcoming Events

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Sep 9, 2024
FNHP 100 - First Nations Housing and Infrastructure (Fall 2024)
This course provides the housing professional with key insight into the topic of First Nations housing, as well as infrastructure.  The lessons cover subjects such as history and legislation, programs...
FNHP 200 - Housing Strategy, Policy & Accountability (Fall 2024)
The FNHP 200 course covers various topics related to First Nations housing strategy, policy, and accountability. The first lesson focuses on the role of the housing manager and how to work effectively...
FNHP 200 - Stratégie d’habitation des Premières Nations, politique et obligation de rendre des comptes (l’automne 2024)
Ce cours fournit d'abord aux professionnels de l’habitation un aperçu clé du rôle et des responsabilités du professionnel de l’habitation. La résolution de problèmes et la prise de décision,...
FNHP 300 - Management of Housing Programs (Fall 2024)
The FNHP 300 course on Management of Housing Programs is designed to provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of developing and managing housing programs for First Nations people. The course...
FNHP 400 - Housing Management Functional Supports (Fall 2024)
This course first provides the housing professional with key insight into the many functional supports required by Housing Professionals, including: human resources; financial management and accounting;...
FNHP 500 - Professionalism, Ethics and Critical Skills (Fall 2024)
This course first provides participants with key insight into the topic of professionalism, an important factor that is necessary to succeed as a Housing Professional.  Individual lessons deal with learning...
FNHP 500 - Professionnalisme, Éthique et Compétences Critiques (l’automne 2024)
Ce cours fournit d’abord aux participants un aperçu clé du sujet du professionnalisme, un facteur important qui est nécessaire pour réussir en tant que professionnel du logement. Les leçons individuelles...

Upcoming National Examination

For the upcoming National Examination, we are providing two date options to better accommodate our members' schedules: a weekday session and a weekend session.

*2025 exam dates will be posted once determined

Course Delivery

The five FNHP courses are offered in an online format, which has the benefit of being highly flexible and mobile - allowing you to access content from any mobile, tablet or computer with an internet connection. 

If you require financial assistance to pursue your FNHP designation, check out our new sponsorship and upskilling program:

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Online Format

There are two semesters per year: Winter (January-April) and Fall (September-December). Each course has a total of seven lessons and two assignments that are to be completed over a 12-week period.  On average, students should expect to devote approximately 3 -7 hours per week on each lesson. The time for each learner will vary based on prior education and work experiences. This time includes not only the completion of the readings, the optional quiz, discussion activities, but also the interaction with other students and preparation for the two assignments. Generally, you should look to complete an average of one lesson per week as per the course itinerary. 

Online courses require each student to:

  • Read the course material,
  • Participate in discussion activities, complete internet research and/or explain best practices and,
  • Complete two assignments.

And each student is encouraged to: 

  • Share your experience, resources and concerns with our on-line community (when appropriate),
  • Read and respond (when appropriate) to other students’ posts,
  • Complete the quiz at the end of each lesson,
  • Ask questions of the facilitator or of each other.


FNHP Semester Course Itinerary

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