The First Nations Housing Professionals Program Winter Semester starts on January 11, 2021 and ends on April 2, 2021

If you have less than seven years of experience, you will need to complete the certification program. The Program will consist of 5 courses and a final exam designed specifically for First Nations Housing Professionals.

The five courses are:

  • 100  First Nations Housing and Infrastructure: History and legislation; program and funding; cultural considerations; current developments and issues; key elements of housing construction; housing infrastructure; and housing governance.
  • 200  First Nations Housing Strategy, Policy and Accountability: Role of the housing manager; problem-solving and decision-making; planning; accountability and performance management; and policies.
  • 300  Management of Housing Programs: Development of programs and projects; funding and project proposals; program and project management; tenders and project management; housing maintenance; working with clients; and program evaluation, reporting, and communications.
  • 400 Housing Management Functional Supports: Human resources, finance and management accounting; information and technology; housing and systems; legal; quality, benchmarking and risk; and strategic alliances and partnerships.
  • 500 Professionalism, Ethics and Critical Skills: Professionalism; continuous learning and mentoring and self-care; ethical considerations; and enabling of critical skills such as working with people and change, leadership, facilitation, managing meetings, etc.

Completion of the Program, in addition to two years of practical work experience will lead to certification as a First Nations Housing Professional (FNHP). Check out the general information guide that explains how membership and certification works.

Check here potential exemptions if you have already completed professional development and have experience in a housing professional role.