Webinar: First Nations Housing Procurement Practices

1:00 PM Jan 19 - 2:15 AM Jan 21, 2021

A series of three webinars have been created using selected materials from the one day workshop – Procurement in First Nations which deals with issues and better practices to improve procurement activities. Over the course of the three webinars we will:

  • Cover procurement from a housing manager’s perspective, and the related roles and responsibilities of in the procurement process,
  • Examine the key stages in the procurement cycle, and how to develop your own procurement policies and procedures,
  • Review the steps needed for managing a competitive bid process, from the request for proposals or qualifications through to negotiating the contract,
  • Show how to set up a competitive bid for a contract and defend decisions on why a supplier should be selected based on and evaluation strategy,
  • Review the importance of contracts and not to use a contract supplied by a contractor,
  • Cover the importance of construction contracts, how to select a contractor, how to write and review tenders and to bring a contract to an end,
  • Consider way to be responsible for managing supplier performance, including controlling quality and setting and monitoring standards, and
  • Discuss best practices as they relate to procurement policies and procedures.

Participants will receive the presentations and sample resources used to demonstrate the discussion points. 

Date: January 19, 20, 21
Instructor: John Kiedrowski
Time: 1:00pm – 2:15 pm EST (each day)
Location: Zoom Webinar

*If you are unable to attend one of the sessions, recordings will be available.